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Joe Frontier to Present on “Choosing a Technical Model for Your throwers” Free Webinar April 23

When I first started coaching, John Godina was the best shot putter in the world, so I assumed my job was to get my athletes to throw like him. Technically, I mean. The way he set up at the back. The timing of his right leg sweep. The narrow power position.

Then Adam Nelson came along with a technique that looked nothing like Godina’s.

Nelson was followed by Reese Hoffa, who turned out of the back on his left heel. Then came Christian Cantwell, who seemed unable to bend his knees.

Each of these gents threw twenty-two meters and won major championships with very different technique.

And remember the old saying “many roads lead to Rome”? The same could be said last summer of the medal stand in Doha which Joe Kovacs, Ryan Crouser and Tom Walsh each ascended by putting their own unique spin on the spin technique.

So, what is a coach to make of this? How, when watching all these throwers launch bombs in a variety of ways, do we decide which of their technical quirks are worth emulating?

On Thursday, April 23rd at 7:00pm CST, Joe Frontier, the outstanding throws coach at Madison (WI) Memorial High School and the Madison Throws Club, will help us sort this matter out when he appears on the next webinar.

Joe’s presentation will be titled “Choosing a Technical Model for Your Throwers.” In it, he will show us how to differentiate between the sound fundamentals exhibited by world class throwers–fundamentals that we should encourage our athletes to imitate–and the idiosyncrasies that only a human of truly freakish ability could get away with.

Joe is one of the most successful throws coaches in the country today, and I encourage you to take the opportunity to learn from him. Attendees may submit questions throughout his presentation. Register here.

In his spare time, Joe also hosts a throws podcast featuring interviews with some of the best throwers and throws coaches in the world. Check them out at Throw Big Throw

Mike Gattone webinar “Teaching the Full Olympic Lifts” now available on Youtube

If you missed USA Weightlifting Director of Sports Performance and Coaching Education Mike Gattone’s recent webinar, you can now view it on Youtube.

Titled “Teaching the full Olympic lifts: How to do it and why you should,” this webinar features Mike making the case for going beyond just using power clean and power snatch for your athletes and teaching them the full movements.

Mike talks about how the Olympic lifts can be used to help athletes increase their power output, and how the full version of the lifts can accentuate those gains.

He also provides a simple progression for advancing your athletes beyond power cleans and snatches towards the full lifts.

This webinar is loaded with insights drawn from the decades Mike has spent training athletes from a great variety of sports. Any coach interested in helping their athletes build explosive power will find it useful.

CSCCa Credit available for Thursday’s Mike Gattone webinar on Teaching the Full Olympic lifts

On Thursday, April 16th at 7:00pm CST, USA Weightlifting Director of Sports Performance and Coaching Education will be the featured presenter at a free webinar on “Teaching Athletes the Full Olympic Lifts.”

Mike has extensive experience in the field of sports performance. A hammer thrower in college, he has trained athletes from many different sports, including professional basketball players during a stint working under Al Vermeil with the Chicago Bulls.

In his current role at USAW, Mike has played a big part in transforming the US into a budding powerhouse in the sport of Olympic weightlifting.

His presentation is meant for any coach trying to help athletes maximize their explosive power. Mike will argue that the full Olympic lifts (as opposed to partial movements such as power cleans or power snatches) offer the best chance for an athlete to enhance their explosivenss.

During this presentation, attendees will be allowed to submit questions through the Q & A function, so this is a rare opportunity to pick the brain of one of the world’s best lifting coaches.

The Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association is offering .75 CEUs for this event.

Register here.

Discus Technique Webinar with Iowa throws coach Eric Werskey now on Youtube

Last night, Iowa throws coach Eric Werskey broke down the NCAA Championship discus technique of Laulauga Tausaga in a live webinar. That presentation is now on Youtube.

If you coach the discus, you’ll want to check it out, as Eric provided some very interesting insights on technique, training, and the art of coaching.

You can find the video of that webinar here.

Also, check out the @iowa_throws instagram page, as after the webinar Eric posted some additional vids of Lagi’s throws.

Also, check out this post in which Coach Werskey breaks down Lagi’s technique in written form.

Also, if for some strange reason you seem to have a lot of extra time on your hands, check out the vids of these previous webinars:

Teaching Olympic Lifts to Throwers: Helpful Hints for Throws Coaches who Double as Strength Coaches” by Mary Theisen-Lappen the throws coach at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, and a world class Olympic lifter herself.

Approximately 3 Essential Discus Drills” by Kip Gasper and Cody Foerch, the outstanding throws coaches at Deerfield (IL) High School.

The Rotational Shot Technique of Danniel Thomas Dodd” by Kent State throws coach Nathan Fanger.

Coaching High School Throwers” by another fantastic high school throws coach working in the Chicago suburbs, Jim Aikens.

Building a Great High School Throws Program” by Sean Folkes who is now coaching at Rochester University.

Discus Technique” by still another fine throws coach from suburban Chicago, Roger Einbecker.

Rotational Shot Put Technique” with Jeff Rebholz, who gave this presentation when he was coaching at Towson, but has recently built an outstanding throws program at Illinois State University.

Glide Shot Putting” with me, Dan McQuaid.

We also have a course on Coachtube called “Youth Discus Training in the German Athletics Federation” by German men’s national discus coach Torsten  Lönnfors.

I hope that will help keep everyone busy!

Free Webinar April 16 with Mike gattone of USA Weightlifting: “Teaching your athletes the full Olympic lifts–how to do it and why you should”

Mike Gattone is one of the best weightlifting coaches in the world. He trained gold medalist Tara Nott, studied the art of sports performance under the auspices of the great Al Vermeil, and in 2017 teamed with all-time great lifter Pyrros Dimas (that’s them in the photo) to lead an American renaissance in the sport of Olympic lifting.

More importantly, he threw the hammer in college.

This combination of experiences has made him uniquely qualified to weigh in on some of life’s great questions. Should throwers rack their cleans? Should they snatch? Should they do full, Olympic-style cleans and snatches?

Mike has some strong, evidence-based opinions on these matters that he will share in a free webinar on Thursday, April 16th at 7:00pm CST. It will be titled “Teaching the full Olympic lifts–how to do it and why you should.”

Attendees will be able to submit questions throughout. Don’t miss this chance to learn from a fantastic coach.

Register here.

Free Webinar “Coach Eric Werskey breaks down the NCAA Championship Winning discus form of Laulauga Tausaga” coming Thursday, April 9

As a thrower, Eric Werskey trained under the auspices of two of America’s greatest coaches–Jerry Clayton and Art Venegas. As a coach, he has followed in their footsteps by mentoring outstanding throwers, first at Cal State Northridge then at the University of Iowa where he guided Laulauga Tausaga to the 2019 NCAA title in the discus.

In this webinar, Coach Werskey will break down Laulauga’s winning throw, and in the process reveal his approach to building championship caliber discus technique.

This presentation is free, and attendees will be able to submit questions throughout. It will take place on Thursday, April 9th at 7:00pm CST.

Register here!

Coach Mary Theisen-Lappen webinar “Teaching Olympic Lifts to Throwers” now on Youtube

In this webinar, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh throws coach and world class Olympic lifter Mary Theisen-Lappen details her system for teaching the Olympic lifts to her throwers. She has developed a step-by-step approach that can be applied by coaches of any sport who would like to include these lifts in their athletes’ program.

Mary is a fantastic lifter and coach. If you are interested in improving your approach to coaching the platform lifts, this vid is definitely worth a look.

free Webinar with Mary Theisen-Lappen: “Teaching Olympic Lifts to throwers” coming April 2nd at 7:00pm CST

Register here to be part of a free webinar with University of Wisconsin Oshkosh throws coach and world class Olympic lifter Mary Theisen-Lappen.

Mary’s presentation will be titled “Teaching Olympic Lifts to Throwers – Helpful Hints for Throws Coaches that Double as Strength Coaches.”

If you are a throws coach who is also tasked with training your athletes in the weight room, you’ll find this session invaluable.

It will take place Thursday, April 2nd at 7:00pm CST. Attendees will be able to submit questions throughout.

“Approximately Three essential Discus Drills” webinar now on Youtube

Thanks much to Kip Gasper and Cody Foerch of Deerfield (IL) High School for presenting their favorite discus drills in yesterday’s webinar! If you missed it, or if you’d like to review some of those drills, the webinar has now been posted to Youtube and can be found here.

We hope that spending an hour focused on the sport we love was therapeutic to everyone who joined us, and we will do our best to get some more webinars lined up to try to help fill the void.

Follow us on Twitter (@McthrowsDotcom), Instagram (@djmcquaid) and Facebook ( for info on upcoming presentations.

Until then, stay healthy and hang in there!

Free Webinar on Sunday, March 15: “Approximately 3 Essential Discus Drills”

If you coach the throws, something tells me you have some time on your hands right now. What better way to fill the void than to log on to a free webinar where you can pick up some tips on teaching discus technique and maybe commiserate a bit with other folks in your shoes?

Kip Gasper and Cody Foerch of Deerfield (IL) High School will be the presenters. You may remember those gents from last year’s “Rotational Shot Putting the Deerfield High School Way.” They’ve built a fantastic throws program at Deerfield and are ready to share some of their favorite discus drills this time around.

Participants will be able to submit questions throughout the presentation, which will begin at 12:00 CST. Register here to join us.