Nerds of Throwing, assemble! ITCCCA presents the best clinic ever!

The 2021 ITCCCA Virtual Clinic begins on Thursday, March 18th, and for throws aficionados, rarely will life be better.

Want to learn about the glide shot from someone raised in the system that perfected it? On Saturday, March 20th, Germany’s René Sack will break down the glide technique and show you the drills you’ll need to help your athletes master it.

Want to learn about discus throwing? One of American’s discus greats, Suzy Powell-Roos will open the clinic on Thursday at 6:00pm CST will the full treatment–a technical overview including all-important drills.

Andy Bloom and Scott Bennett will provide their take on the discus on Friday, March 19th at 7:40pm CST, as will…

…Maggie Ewen as part of her Sunday presentation “The Shot and Discus Journey of Maggie Ewen.”

That’s not enough for you? How about the most successful discus coach of all time…

…Vésteinn Hafsteinsson? On Sunday, March 21st at 10:40am CST, Vésteinn will present a comparison of the techniques of Daniel Stahl, Fedrick Dacres and Andrius Gudzius. Vésteinn will also compare the rotational shot styles of Maggie Ewen, Fanny Roos, and Anita Marton. Speaking of rotational shot, Andy and Scott will give us their version on Thursday at 7:40pm CST, and on Friday at 6:00pm CST…

…Jeff Rebholz of Illinois State University will detail his approach to converting a glider into an outstanding spinner.

Maggie will also discus rotational shot technique as part of her Sunday talk, and on Saturday, March 20th at 9:00am, she will expound on physical training (lifting etc…) for young throwers.

All of these presentations will be live, with the opportunity to submit questions throughout.


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