Discus Technique Webinar with Iowa throws coach Eric Werskey now on Youtube

Last night, Iowa throws coach Eric Werskey broke down the NCAA Championship discus technique of Laulauga Tausaga in a live Mcthows.com webinar. That presentation is now on Youtube.

If you coach the discus, you’ll want to check it out, as Eric provided some very interesting insights on technique, training, and the art of coaching.

You can find the video of that webinar here.

Also, check out the @iowa_throws instagram page, as after the webinar Eric posted some additional vids of Lagi’s throws.

Also, check out this post in which Coach Werskey breaks down Lagi’s technique in written form.

Also, if for some strange reason you seem to have a lot of extra time on your hands, check out the vids of these previous webinars:

Teaching Olympic Lifts to Throwers: Helpful Hints for Throws Coaches who Double as Strength Coaches” by Mary Theisen-Lappen the throws coach at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, and a world class Olympic lifter herself.

Approximately 3 Essential Discus Drills” by Kip Gasper and Cody Foerch, the outstanding throws coaches at Deerfield (IL) High School.

The Rotational Shot Technique of Danniel Thomas Dodd” by Kent State throws coach Nathan Fanger.

Coaching High School Throwers” by another fantastic high school throws coach working in the Chicago suburbs, Jim Aikens.

Building a Great High School Throws Program” by Sean Folkes who is now coaching at Rochester University.

Discus Technique” by still another fine throws coach from suburban Chicago, Roger Einbecker.

Rotational Shot Put Technique” with Jeff Rebholz, who gave this presentation when he was coaching at Towson, but has recently built an outstanding throws program at Illinois State University.

Glide Shot Putting” with me, Dan McQuaid.

We also have a course on Coachtube called “Youth Discus Training in the German Athletics Federation” by German men’s national discus coach Torsten  Lönnfors.

I hope that will help keep everyone busy!

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