CSCCa Credit available for Thursday’s Mike Gattone webinar on Teaching the Full Olympic lifts

On Thursday, April 16th at 7:00pm CST, USA Weightlifting Director of Sports Performance and Coaching Education will be the featured presenter at a free webinar on “Teaching Athletes the Full Olympic Lifts.”

Mike has extensive experience in the field of sports performance. A hammer thrower in college, he has trained athletes from many different sports, including professional basketball players during a stint working under Al Vermeil with the Chicago Bulls.

In his current role at USAW, Mike has played a big part in transforming the US into a budding powerhouse in the sport of Olympic weightlifting.

His presentation is meant for any coach trying to help athletes maximize their explosive power. Mike will argue that the full Olympic lifts (as opposed to partial movements such as power cleans or power snatches) offer the best chance for an athlete to enhance their explosivenss.

During this presentation, attendees will be allowed to submit questions through the Q & A function, so this is a rare opportunity to pick the brain of one of the world’s best lifting coaches.

The Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association is offering .75 CEUs for this event.

Register here.

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