Mike Gattone webinar “Teaching the Full Olympic Lifts” now available on Youtube

If you missed USA Weightlifting Director of Sports Performance and Coaching Education Mike Gattone’s recent webinar, you can now view it on Youtube.

Titled “Teaching the full Olympic lifts: How to do it and why you should,” this webinar features Mike making the case for going beyond just using power clean and power snatch for your athletes and teaching them the full movements.

Mike talks about how the Olympic lifts can be used to help athletes increase their power output, and how the full version of the lifts can accentuate those gains.

He also provides a simple progression for advancing your athletes beyond power cleans and snatches towards the full lifts.

This webinar is loaded with insights drawn from the decades Mike has spent training athletes from a great variety of sports. Any coach interested in helping their athletes build explosive power will find it useful.

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