#*it Happens even at Nationals!

If you throw long enough you will lose a few legal throws and gain a few that were foul because of bad calls by the officials.
I saw a missed call similar to this W-Hep Shot in the Open Men’s Shot Put with a different judge.
Fortunately, neither judgement error impacted the final results.

The real travesty was that they couldn’t slow down the circle so the speed gliders could throw.
At the US Nationals, that was embarrassing, especially since our Women’s Champion is a speed glider.  We can’t even make it right for our Champion who is an international contender.

We just don’t care enough to do it right.

2 thoughts on “#*it Happens even at Nationals!”

  1. While I agree that was a tremendously bad call, I think that one problem we as a sporting community have is that we have very little tolerance for missed calls, mainly because of the preponderance of technology. A good life lesson is: Life isn’t always fair. Maybe I’m just old school, but I think the more we go to technology for all the answers we miss something natural, organic, joyful about sports. Ironic that I write this while pounding on a computer and perusing throwing video!

    1. Norm, maybe its our experience that gives us the same view on the random irregularities one faces in sport and life as stated in the first sentence of my post.

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